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Case Studies

These case studies show how we’ve helped just a few of our clients. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

How effective are our patient support materials?

Evaluations with patients and physicians to measure usage, value and relevance.

Patient-centric communications

Does the language used in communications of a medical device product reflect the language used by patients?

Pricing in an emerging market

Considering willingness to pay, access restrictions, and reimbursements to find the optimum price

Exploring patient pathways

Developing an effective marketing strategy by exploring patient journeys in an unfamiliar emerging market

Testing a new detail aid

Recreating realistic sales meetings to ensure the detail supports a successful product launch.

Tracking detail aid success

Connecting insight from HCPs and KAMs to actual behaviour and sales data

Pricing a new psoriasis product

Finding the optimum price for formulary inclusion, whilst maximising commercial return.  

‘Go’ or ‘No Go’?

Evaluating product interest and opportunity to assess whether to licence a rheumatology product

A targeted approach

Segmenting oncologists treating pancreatic cancer to develop a targeted marketing strategy

Does my biosimilar’s sales aid stand out?

Evaluating sales aids to maximise engagement and increase sales in a competitive biologics market

Going forward with wearable technology

Feeding into future strategy by exploring attitudes and understanding market opportunities

How should we price our biologic?

Understanding payer and clinician price sensitivities in this competitive market to establish a pricing strategy