Detail Aid Follow Up (DFU) Tracking

Business challenge

Our clients required Detail Aid Follow up (DFU) research to measure and optimise sales and communication efforts across their brand.

In light of their greater use of key account managers, e-detailing, and a desire to tailor calls, the client needed a solution which went beyond a typical DFU approach.

What we did

We designed a multi-phased, flexible, granular approach to measure and collect meaningful information in a process where communications are individually targeted depending on where the HCP is in the adoption process. This challenged thinking and led to real insights and action at a local level.

Stated insight

Robust, semi-structured DFU telephone interviews with HCPs

  • Flexible in-depth approach with higher interview conversion rates

KAM/rep interviews for full 360 feedback

  • Insights and buy-in from those on the front line

Contextualised behaviour

Analysis of the data behind the sales calls and linking to HCP research data

  • Analysis of e-detail log and statistics as well as actual sales data

Background noise and media scraping across channels

  • Firsthand insights from conference/trade and social media sites


Our findings provided all interested stakeholders with a powerful combination of metrics derived from complimentary approaches that accurately monitored sales and communication efficacy in a meaningful way. The value and action achieved as a result of the project was best expressed by our clients feedback…

“The team at Impact Health have truly delivered actionable insights which have helped forged direction within the business which previous DFU research as failed to accomplish.”