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Advanced Analytics

Our in-house Advanced Analytics team is always on hand to support the design and analysis of the quantitative elements of the research projects we conduct. They offer a complete range of tried and tested statistical methods and modelling techniques.

Overseen by Dr David Pearmain (whose PhD is in stated preference methods), their expertise will help you to discover the meaning in your data.

More about the techniques we use

All our solutions are individually tailored to your business needs so we will select the most appropriate approaches and techniques that best fit your research objectives.

Conjoint AnalysisConjoint is a powerful tool for understanding how consumer choices are made as a function of the combined features (including brand) and the price of a product or service. Researchers use it to predict choice share and to model 'what if' scenarios to reduce risk when developing business strategy.

We routinely apply this technique within the pharmaceutical, consumer health, life-science, device and diagnostic industries.

MaxDiffMaxDiff (maximum differentiation) is an effective tool for identifying the product claims and features that are most important to consumers. It offers the benefits of both ranking and rating scales because it determines the ‘distance’ between items as well as their rank order.

It's easy to administer and it really comes into its own when there is a large set of attributes or if the attributes are very wordy.

Pricing and portfolio analysisPricing and portfolio analysis determines the impact of price on your brand and how to optimise your product portfolio. Our solutions range from the simple to the more complex and including Conjoint, Price Sensitivity Measures, Brand/Price Trade-off, Brand Equity Modelling and Perceived Value Pricing.

We provide simulation tools that help to predict all possible futures accurately, harnessing the power of 'what if' to guide you towards the optimal price and portfolio strategy.

Forecasting and modellingWe provide custom market models, built to your specifications, that are designed to capture the complexities of the market and integrate with your data sources and reporting requirement.

Our models can combine secondary market and industry data with primary data from market research to produce forecasts based on the best blend of available information.

Segmentation and targeting analysisTo understand which customers to target with what product, services or communications, you need to segment your market.

The key to effective segmentation is having the analytical fire power to segment your data and industry expertise to refine the segments into an elegant, action-based solution.

Big data and multiple source analysisBig data integrates of technology with the tremendous volume of data now available.

By analysing big data such as sales, CRM databases, access data, customer satisfaction, prescribing trends and social media tracking, we gain fresh insights into not just how your customers think but importantly understand their true behaviour and how your business is performing.

Key driver analysisKey driver analysis establishes the relative influence of an attribute or attributes in a causal relationship, such as what product or service characteristics drive the market, or what drives buying, prescribing or switching in a particular area.

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Meet the Advanced Analytics team

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Dr David Pearmain

Director of Advanced Methods
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Steve Whennell

Associate Director of Advanced Methods