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What We Do

Impact Health is a full-service, qualitative and quantitative market research partner combining real world research, health analytics and consulting expertise.

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Advanced analytics

We tailor solutions to your business needs from a complete range of tried and tested statistical methods and modelling techniques.



Our experience in biologics and biosimilars can help you navigate your brand through this changing landscape.

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Brand voice

Developing and communicating the right messages are crucial in maximising your brand’s success.

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Patient research

As the relationship between patients and prescribers evolves, patient research is becoming more and more insightful.

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Medical technology

We provide expert support in all areas of medical devices and equipment, diagnostics, and technology.

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Growth markets

Growth markets offer exciting opportunities for market research and product establishment.

Behavioural science

Behavioural science uses a range of validated theories and techniques to explain the psychological processes that drive behaviours. Our in-house team is on hand to get more out of each interview so that you get detailed insights that lead to specific, evidenced-based recommendations.