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Brand Voice

Developing and communicating the right messages for the right audiences is crucial to maximising your brand’s potential for success.

To be heard in today’s information-rich society, your messages need to be fresh and resonate at the right level to make an real impact on awareness, attitudes or behaviour.  

It’s no longer enough for research agencies to simply report levels of awareness or recall of the top three or four core messages across the board. Instead, you need to know where your customers are on the adoption/communicate ladder and understand which messages will move them, as individuals, to the next level.

How we help

Impact Health provides focused solutions that help you tell your brand’s story in the most compelling way. We draw upon both traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies, cutting edge technology and analytical techniques to unlock your brands potential.

We are approachable and flexible by design which means we have more time and expertise to focus in on your brand voice and maximise your communication strategy.

Solutions checklist

Provide global research which is actionable at a local level

Use the most appropriate method/techniques

Offer multi-channel complete coverage

Harness all available information and multi-source data points

Be targeted at an individual level whilst reinforcing the overall brand story and strategy

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