Exploring the Wearable Health Devices Market

Business challenge

Our client, an international technology corporation, wanted to explore attitudes towards wearable health devices in six key strategic markets, as well as understand potential market opportunities.

Findings from the research would be used to feed into the development of our client’s future strategy for wearable health devices.

What we did

To maximise our sample and deliver robust market level results, we used an online survey methodology which leveraged our extensive panel access in each country and overcame the inherent geographical challenges associated with each one.

Our sample was split between consumers and HCPs in order to understand the varying perspectives of key stakeholders and intended end users across each market.



The results from our research identified positive attitudes among both HCPs and consumers for wearable health devices. In addition to this some important barriers were brought to light in certain markets that our client was able to incorporate into their future strategy considerations.