In-license Opportunity

Business challenge

Our client, a well known innovator in the pharmaceutical industry, was considering licensing in a new oral DMARD asset into their existing rheumatology franchise.

Research was required to support forecast assumptions and understand points of differentiation which could feed into pivotal phase 3 trials.

What we did

Following evaluation of the TPP, we asked physicians to evaluate the new potential offering by providing their allocated prescribing across a series of conjoint scenarios.

Our choice of the conjoint method enabled us to explore potential scenarios and to understand points of differentiation and uptake across various parameters such as administration, efficacy, safety levels and price.

Further to this, to support forecasting decisions, we identified at what stage, which line of therapy, and – importantly – which patients the potential in-licence opportunity would most favour.


  • Online interviews with rheumatologists in EU5 and US
  • Total sample of n=450

TechniquesAllocation-based conjoint presented as real life examples to make the situation as authentic as possible for physicians.


We supported our client with their forecast assumptions utilising the primary market research and also feeding in secondary data sources which became available.

The findings allowed our client to make critical ‘Go’ or ‘No Go’ business decisions based on the insights and intelligence provided by the Impact Health team in a fast turnaround timeframe.