Optimising Sales Aid Effectiveness

Business challenge

A pharmaceutical company wanted to assess the effectiveness of the sales aid they were using for their biosimilar product in order to maximise engagement with health care professionals and increase sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

What we did

We designed a multi-stakeholder approach which allowed the client to establish how effective the sales materials were perceived as being by all of their different target customers.

We carried out an in-depth interview with each customer in a central location facility. This method also enabled us to invite sales reps to run through the materials with respondents as they would in the field. Ultimately this meant we could get as close as possible to real life in the research setting.


Insight from these interviews allowed the client to streamline their sales aid and deliver their key messages in a more succinct and impactful manner.

Our suggestions included areas that should be emphasised going forward, as well as additional content that could be included to further strengthen their proposition.