Patient Device Testing

Business challenge

Our client, a UK pharmaceutical company, wanted to improve the terminology and language they were using in their device related communication materials, in order to ensure they reflected what was used by patients rather than industry professionals.

What we did

In order to answer our clients business objective we held several qualitative central location days. Each session consisting of a mix of in depth interviews and focus groups.

By conducting the research in a central location facility we were able to ask patients to bring their device along with them to the research. This meant we were able to see face-to-face how they interacted with their medication device, which ultimately helped us to understand how they talked about it in their everyday language.


Our findings identified key language considerations for our client around the shape, colour and purpose of patient’s medication device. Our client incorporated all of our ‘patient-centric’ suggestions into their communications and promotional activities, which in turn has since helped further their brand image amongst their key customers