Oncologist Segmentation

Business challenge

Our client wanted to segment clinical and medical consultant oncologists treating pancreatic cancer in the UK to further inform and optimise their sales messaging and targeting approach for their oncology product.

What we did

A robust yet elegant solution was needed to assess the core market dynamics of pancreatic cancer including HCP beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

We used computer assisted telephone interviews to explore fully and also challenge HCP beliefs and behaviours of this niche target population.


  • 30 minute CATI interviews were conducted with eligible oncologists.
  • Potential respondents were found using a combination of free found recruitment and client lists. This provided a cost-effective and flexible approach to recruitment.

TechniquesThe final segmentation solution was arrived at by using a mix of objectivity combined with pragmatism.

  • Tried and tested data reduction methods e.g. Chaid and factoring.
  • Refined by using genetic ‘goal seeking’ algorithms that ‘shuffle’ group membership to best fall in line with our client’s business goals.


By working closely with our client, understanding their business, and being versatile to their needs, we were able to offer an elegant segmentation solution which was bought into at all levels of the organisation.

Understanding our clients business, using multiple data sourcess and engaging with key stakeholders through workshop sessions all played key parts in delivering a successful, actionable outcome.