Testing Sales Aid Detail

Business challenge

As part of our pharmaceutical client’s communication development strategy, research was required to test and validate a potential sales aid (paper and e detail).

The specific challenge was to create a realistic sales meeting environment with the HCP whilst covering all aspects of the detail to ensure it supported the key messages needed for launch success.

What we did

We used qualitative, in-depth interviews to test the sales aid fully with
appropriate healthcare professionals.

All interviews were conducted in central viewing locations and the detail itself was provided by KAMs and reps who would ultimately be using the sales aid in the field.

Following the normal realistic sales approach, the KAM/rep was asked to leave to allow our trained moderators to understand how the HCP believed the call progressed, which key messages which resonated, and what could have been improved. Key stakeholders viewed the research through a one-way mirror.


  • 60 minute, in-depth interviews
  • Conducted in central locations across multiple UK sales regions (North/Midlands/South)
  • Realistic sales detail
  • True reactions and behaviour
  • In-depth understanding
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Immediate testing of changes


Our insights helped the client understand reactions towards the sales aid, validate key messages, and optimise the final field-ready version along with the communications agency.

In addition to testing the materials, we worked with the client to prioritise which key messages were most appropriate in various situations and with different HCP