Understanding Price Sensitivity in a Changing Landscape

Business challenge

Our client, a multinational pharmaceutical company, needed to understand how
sensitive payers and clinicians were to price in the UK in order to establish their short-term pricing strategy in a market that was set to change with the introduction of multiple new products.

What we did

We conducted 14 in-depth, face-to-face interviews with UK Healthcare Professionals from different specialties including oncologists, haematologists and pharmacists.

Strict recruitment criteria ensured a focused sample with significant experience and sufficient patient interaction.

Our multi-stakeholder approach allowed the client to gain a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of the current materials across various specialties.

In-depth interviews provided insight to optimise layout and component emphasis in order to maximise sales engagement.


Insight from these interviews allowed the client to streamline their sales aid in order to deliver the message succinctly and reduce the sales rep time.

Suggestions were made for what to emphasise and any additional content that could be included. A page-by-page review with feedback was created for the clients.