Understanding the Patient Journey in Growth Markets

Business challenge

Our client, who operates in a mature, highly competitive therapy area, wanted to explore the pathway along which the ‘patient’ travels from consideration of undertaking elective treatment through to action, so that they could develop an effective and targeted marketing strategy for emerging markets.

What we did

We designed a three-stage approach that would fully explore the patient journey, size the potential market, and quantify touchpoints and influences to optimise strategy.

Stage 1: The road to therapy

  • Desk research
  • In-home interviews with naive patients
  • In-home interviews with experienced patients
  • Duo interviews with HCPs

Stage 2: Sizing the marketLarge scale, representative, online survey to understand prevalence and
Stage 3: Quantification of touchpointsRobust, online study pivotal in shaping survey design and identifying key

After each stage, we facilitated strategy days and workshops with the client were to review insights, develop outputs and strategic implications/direction.

Countries/markets: USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, South Korea and Russia.


Our findings helped the client to identify opportunities to leverage/influence patients’ and HCPs’ decision making at each stage of the journey towards treatment.

By working closely with our client, interested stakeholders and affiliates, we provided a winning strategy to build and develop a foothold in a competitive market environment.

The keys to success for this project lay in having confidence in engaging hard-to-reach patients and eliciting their true behaviours and attitudes whilst establishig open communication with our client throughout the project and beyond.